With a degree in marketing and working in the field for over a decade, I have had experiences with companies small (< 50) and large (50,000+). None of this truly prepared me for the technical program management of a marketing campaign in a FAANG environment.

To give a high level…

It’s been almost 6 months since I began my data science education, and we are now at the point of having opportunities to apply our skills outside of classically assigned datasets. This means I get to learn the valuable skill of finding fitting datasets to practice coding on, not only…

In my last post, I introduced my journey into learning data science and why it was important to me. Since then, I have been developing foundational skills in Python and SQL to be able to apply this knowledge. My first opportunity to apply those skills was our Phase 1 project.


I’ve always been one for numbers, building, and making an impact.

With a decade of experience in Sales and Marketing Operations and a passion for building efficiencies for businesses small and large, data science is a complementary skill to up-level the possibilities available with this end-to-end data to make Sales…

Amanda Gaeta

MarTech, CRM, automation and data nerd. Managing a small zoo of 3 cats and a dog in Austin, TX.

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